Harris County Sequential Intercept Model

The Harris County Sequential Intercept Map is a continuum of intercept points developed by a cross-section of community partners to more effectively and efficiently identify and treat individuals who are or may soon become criminal justice involved due to a behavioral health issue.  Need Help?

Intercept - 0

Community Services

Services divert individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis from the criminal justice system into more appropriate treatment.

Intercept 0 Graphic

Intercept - 1

Law Enforcement

Collaborations between Behavioral Health professionals and local law enforcement divert individuals with Behavioral Health issues from jail in to services.

Intercept 1 Graphic

Intercept - 2

Initial Detention/Court Hearings

Individuals with Behavioral Health issues who are arrested are identified for jail diversion treatment while in custody and upon release, and pretrial supervision as appropriate.

Intercept 2 Graphic

Intercept - 3


Justice involved individuals receive targeted behavioral health services through specialty courts or while in the Harris County Jail to avoid further incarceration.

Intercept 3 Graphic

Intercept - 4


Services are delivered in jail or prison to insure continuity of care upon release and reduce recidivism.

Intercept 4 Graphic

Intercept - 5

Community Corrections

Services are delivered in the community to individuals under supervision to address behavioral health needs and reduce recidivism.

Intercept 5 Graphic