Harris County Sequential Intercept Model

Intercept 0

Community Services

Psychiatric Emergency Services

24/7 Psychiatric Crises Support

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) provides individualized clinical service plans which incorporate medication administration, reinforcement of coping skills, close observation by clinical staff, family meetings and determination of appropriate community supports for individuals experiencing psychiatric crises who may come involuntarily or are brough involuntarily by law enforcement officers. PES is staffed 24/7 out of the Neuropsychiatric Center in the heart of Houston’s Medical Center with a full staff of psychiatrists, registered nurses, clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors and psychiatric technicians.

PES has developed standards for precautionary status including:
  • Seizures
  • Detox
  • Suicide
  • Assault
  • Falls
  • Elopement

Of those served, 70% are able to be referred to an outpatient provider or clinic and do not require hospitalization.