Harris County Sequential Intercept Model

Intercept 3


Sober DWI

The purpose of the DWI court is to provide an intensive intervention to misdemeanor DWI clients who at significant risk to reoffend. The focus of the DWI court is to address criminal thinking as well as prosocial skills to help clients maintain a sober lifestyle and to eliminate impaired driving. The DWI court is based on a CBT/Social Learning model in which client's thoughts, feelings, and actions are addressed systematically as well as a very structured response to both positive and unhealthy behavior.

‚ÄčEligibility Criteria:
  • Misdemeanors only
  • Low-Moderate to high risk clients
  • High risk DWI identified by DWI Trailer
  • Substance abuse or dependency criteria
  • Significant barriers to general/DUI caseloads