Harris County Sequential Intercept Model

Intercept 1

Law Enforcement

Houston Recovery Center

Providing early intervention and care coordination to underserved individuals affected by substance use

The Houston Recover Center provides a safe, 24-hour environment to sustain long-term recovery resources for individuals with substance use disorders. Their purpose is to:

  1. Relieve law enforcement and criminal justice system resources
    • Diverting publicly intoxicated individuals increases the holding capacity in the city jail for more serious crimes.
      • It takes two hours to book an individual in jail and an average of eight minutes to drop them off at the sobering center. This saves law enforcement officers valuable time enabling them to return to their assigned neighborhoods faster.
    • The courts are relieved of processing this low level, non-violent offense.
  2. Creates safety for the individual
    • Clients avoid an arrest record and are spared the impact that a public intoxication misdemeanor charge would have on their life.
    • They are monitored in a safe, clean environment with staff providing necessary support services to manage their intoxication until they are no longer a danger to themselves or others.
    • They offer information on recovery for clients who experience substance use disorders, and provide opportunities for recovery by linking clients with appropriate community resources and programs.

The Houston Recovery Center partners with all local law enforcement agencies. They have a Public Intoxication Transport team to bring together emergency medical technicians and peer recovery support specialists to patrol and respond to calls regarding public intoxication, providing interventions, conducting wellness checks and transporting impaired individuals to the sobering center. Houston Recovery Center staff includes, but are not limited to, peer support, recovery coaches, emergency medical technicians (EMT), licensed vocational nurses (LVN) and licensed chemical dependence counselors/case managers.

Learn more at https://houstonrecoverycenter.org/