Harris County Sequential Intercept Model

Intercept 1

Law Enforcement

Judge Ed Emmett Mental Health Jail Diversion Center

Diverting individuals with behavioral health needs away from jail

The Harris County Mental Health Jail Diversion Program aims to divert individuals with mental health conditions away from the Harris County Jail to the Ed Emmett Jail Diversion Center where they will receive behavioral health treatment.

Voluntary participants will receive on-site services including:
  • Health Assessments, triage and 24-48 hour observation
  • Integrated treatment and care plans to assist in an individual's stabilization
  • Medication management
  • On-site primary care
  • On-site psychiatric care
  • Psychosocial programming
  • Detox/Substance use disorder services
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Short-term respite beds
  • Peer support
  • Extensive discharge planning to coordinate access to housing, social services and treatment post discharge, utilizing case managers and peer support

Program Partners:
  • The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD
  • Harris County Judge's Office
  • Harris County Sheriff's Office
  • Harris County District Attorney’s Office
  • Houston Police Department
  • Harris Health System
  • Harris County Housing Authority
  • Harris County Commissioners Court

View the Justice System Partners evaluation of the Mental Health Jail Diversion Program and its impact within Harris County.